Food Contact Materials Regulation

03 - 04 February 2025 - Cologne and online

Monday, 5th February 2024

Opening Remarks
Dr Bernard Hegarty, Director of Enforcement Policy, Food Safety Authority of Ireland

An Update on EU Food Contact Material Regulation
  • EU progress towards compliance with FCM legislation
  • Minimization of hazardous chemicals and creation of innovative packaging solutions
  • To what extent have the requirements for industry changed?
  • What are the current gaps in the new legislation?
  • Are there already solutions in place?
Dr Bernard Hegarty, see above

Legal Issues on the Regulation of Chemicals in FCMs

  • EU legislative priorities for 2024 affecting FCMs
  • Commission Recommendation (EU) 2022/2510 on establishing a European framework for "inherently safe and sustainable" chemicals and materials – the example of BPA
  • Conclusion and outlook for regulatory issues

Dr Anna Gergely, Senior Consultant, Mayer Brown Europe-Brussels LLP

10.30     Coffee Break and Networking

The Green Deal and Challenges with Printing Ink from a Manufacturer’s
Point of View

  • Toxicology meets regulation – the role of science
  • CLP: hazard classes and Food Contact Materials
  • Issues with NIAS
  • Farm to Fork: opportunities and limitations
  • Circular Economy and ink’s impact on recyclates
  • Foresighted adaptation: how to anticipate upcoming requirements

Dr Evert Delbanco, Director Food Safety and Toxicology, Global Product
Safety and Responsibility, Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA,

Sustainability Aspects

  • Regulatory framework and requirements for the industry
  • Set of hygiene standards
  • How to create sustainability strategies
  • Prospects for the future

Malcolm Driffield, PhD Managing Scientist - Food Safety and Food
Contact Materials, Exponent International Ltd, UK

12.30     Lunch Break

Risk Assessment of Food Contact Materials

  • The role of product stewardship
  • How to deal with regulatory updates in an everchanging environment
  • Methodological aspects of risk assessment
  • Analyzing data

Dr Zahra Mazloomi, Product Stewardship Dispersion & Resin, BASF SE, Germany

Regulatory Updates on FCM Regulations in the EU Including Recycled
Plastics Used in Food Contact Applications

  • Highlights on the revision of Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and on 16th Amendment of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011
  • New EU safety requirements of specific food contact substances following EFSA recent assessments (e.g., phthalates, PFAS, etc.)
  • EU requirements for the authorization of new food contact substances considering the EU Transparency Regulation (EU) No 2019/1381
  • Regulation (EU) No 2022/1616 requirements for authorization of new recycling processes for post-consumer plastics, intended to be used thereafter in food contact applications

Dr Ioan Paraschiv, Group Leader – Global Food & Food Contact Materials
(FFCM) Division, knoell NL B.V., the Netherlands

15.30     Coffee Break and Networking

The EU’s Green Deal: the Impact of Food Contact Materials

  • Putting an end to wasteful packaging
  • Boosting reuse and recycling
  • How chemicals in food contact materials can impact
  • How does the Green Deal affect the industry?

Neil Finley, Head of Food Safety, Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs,
Henkel Adhesive Technologies, UK

16.45     Chairman’s Closing Remarks 

17.00     End of Day One

18.00     Evening Event



Tuesday, 6th February 2024

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Dr Bernard Hegarty, Director of Enforcement Policy, Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Food Contact Materials: Emerging Issues

  • The curent state of science: scrutinizing FCM
  • Analytical challenges and insights to be gained
  • NIAS and limitations of general screening
  • The path to sustainable solutions

Marga Aznar Ramos, Senior Lecturer, University of Zaragoza, Spain

Circular Paper Packaging

  • Packaging and packaging waste regulation and its potential impacts on paper packaging and paper recycling
  • Initiatives by the paper sector in the field of Guidelines for circular fibre-based packaging
  • Current works on testing and assessing the recyclability of paper packaging as well as necessary improvements in the collection of paper for recycling

Ulrich Leberle, Raw Materials Director, Cepi

10.30     Coffee Break and Networking

Printing Inks for Food Contact

  • Overview over European Regulation
  • German Printing Ink Ordinance – news, updates, critical points
  • Compliance for Printing Inks
  • EuPIA concepts

Dr Christof Walter, Food Contact Manager, European Printing Ink
Association (EuPIA)

PFAS: Regulatory Scope and Restrictions

  • The definition of PFAS and its groups
  • What is regulated, and what will change? `
  • Impact and consequences for the industry
  • How will the food sector in general be affected?
  • Experiences with the PFAs restriction and potential substitution

Dr Carlos de la Cruz Garcia, Head of Regulatory & Scientific Affairs,
Nestlé System Technology Center, Switzerland

12.30     Lunch Break

Challenges with Rubber and Plastic Sealing Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

  • GMP requirements
  • Related regulatory frameworks
  • How to deal with upcoming PFAS restriction
  • Migration – points to be considered
  • Collaboration within the supply chain: opportunities and limitations

Dr Petra Hilt, Global Manager Compliance Food Contact Materials,
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Germany GmbH, Germany

On the Origin of NIAS in Mechanical Recycled Plastics and the Options to Produce Food-Grade Recycled Plastics in the Future

  • General overview of NIAS: what are they all about?
  • NIAS: where do they come from?
  • Neo-formed NIAS during the recycling process
  • The limited options for the production of food-grade recycled plastics
  • How can we meet the demands of the newly proposed European legislation? (PPWR)

Dr. Ulphard Thoden van Velzen, Senior Scientist Packaging Technology
and Recycling, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, the Netherlands

15.30     Coffee Break

FCM: Practical and Regulatory Challenges in the US

  • The regulatory framework in the US
  • Indirect impact to food packaging within regulations
  • Collaborative approach to regulations in global supply chain

Bethany Woods, Senior Food Contact Compliance Manager, BASF, USA

16.45     Chairman’s Closing Remarks

17.00     End of the Conference