Endocrine Disruptors

knoell is a full service provider, supporting you in all phases of registration from planning right through to the market launch of your product. We also assist you with know-how and the  necessary resources for the registration of different categories of substances. We have been an independent service provider for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries since 1996, with currently more than 550 emplknoell Germany GmbH is a full service provider supporting you in all phases of registration, from planning right through to market launch of your product and beyond. It is our mission to ensure that your products are in line with the latest  developments within each regulatory area - not only in Europe, but on all continents.
Founded in 1996, knoell provides support in global market segments related to biocides, chemicals, cosmetics, crop protection and nutrition, food contact materials, medical devices and animal health. Our strength is to be where it matters: with sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas and an extensive network of cooperation partners, we combine global know-how with local experience and intercultural competence.

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Dr Michael Cleuvers, Director Products and Markets, Chemicals & Biocides,
T.: +49-621-718858-0, E: info@knoell.com
knoell Germany GmbH, Konrad-Zuse-Ring 25, 68163 Mannheim, Germany

Ramboll Health Sciences is a global practice area of the leading engineering, design and  consultancy company Ramboll. Our experts comprehensively characterize and effectively communicate the potential risks from chemicals and product uses and identify options
for safe, state-of-the-science stewardship. Our successful global track record includes evaluations and stewardship for chemical and biocide producers, consumer goods such as food, food ingredients, food packaging, cosmetics, apparel, manufacturing and construction materials, medical device and electronic device manufacturing, and pesticides/biocides. Ramboll works across the areas of Buildings, Transport, Planning and Urban Design, Water, Environment and Health, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Management Consulting, and has more than 16,500 experts across 35 countries.

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Dr Martina Vosteen, Global Devision Director, Health Sciences, T: +49 (0)89 978970-123, mvosteen@ramboll.com
Ramboll Deutschland GmbH, Werinher Str. 79, Gebäude 32a, 81541 München